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24 September 2010 @ 05:29 pm
这一天的我 爱你是单纯的 是已久的, con'tCollapse )
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18 September 2010 @ 08:52 pm
这一天的我 爱你是单纯的 是已久的Collapse )

This post is monstrously long. I'll finish this another day, for real this time.
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10 September 2010 @ 12:22 am
这一天的我们 将走往何处?Collapse )
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05 September 2010 @ 11:44 am
那一天的我们 在天桥上傻笑着Collapse )
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29 September 2007 @ 12:19 pm
I'd like to take a moment to establish some basic policies for this journal.

No, nothing has really come up since I opened this LJ that warrants severe displeasure, but I think the line's been brushed a couple times and I want to make some things clear before anything does occur. Take note this IS a public entry, so comment with discretion.

Rule number ONE: No reader, none, has any right to mock, insult [directly or indirectly], or condescend a journal writer's post contents.

This is a personal journal. This is not an lj-community, or a fandom journal, or a social journal. Anything I write here is largely for myself, and I have the liberty to post anything I wish. I respect my Friends by trying not to post about overly sensitive or personal issues, but the judgement is entirely mine for what gets posted here and what does not.

Rule Number TWO: There will be absolutely no insulting or arguing with each other in the comment space to any post.

My friendlist is undeniably made up of people from all over the world-- most of you don't know each other at all and probably never will. It is not a necessity for all my friends to befriend all my other friends. The idea is ridiculous. HOWEVER, there IS a necessity to respect each other.

If you have a problem with any of my posts or comments, you can come to me or the person who posted it. Preferably both. No one here owes anyone else an explaination, myself included. But if there are problems, they will be fixed and hopefully explained ASAP.

With that said, I'd like to thank the people who actually take the time to go through my daily ramblings and leave me friendly or snarky comments about them. You guys make my day, honestly.

Despite that, it needs to be established that I owe nothing to anyone to post about any topics or in any tone. This is NOT a serious, intellectual journal. It probably will never be. I post when I have something to say, something to vent, and sometimes when I don't have anything to say, but just want to post something anyways.

I need you all to respect that.
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28 June 2006 @ 10:38 am
c a r n i v a l
Drabbles 100 | #25: Strangers | 185 words
you're caught in this merry-go-round

and you reach for the moon in hope that you’ll never have to land among the starsCollapse )
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16 June 2006 @ 05:09 pm

A bit late in coming, I realize since I've kept entries locked for a while now, but as of now [or recently], this journal is Friends Only. Comment here if you wish to be added ♥
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07 June 2006 @ 05:48 pm

Math Team End of year Party.


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04 June 2006 @ 09:56 am
WOOT TRIAL lyrics are out-- it's so hawt *O* <3

//With only my dream I ran out
I'm not doing this just for myself
Reality is not as sweet and harder than I thought
But tomorrow I'll probably be
Stronger than I am today
Whatever today may be however it may have been
I'll carry on drawing tomorrow's dream
Accept it, overcome it, Then I'll probably find the meaning
The rain will stop, the night will break
The sky will never come to an end
No more fears My limits are my weaknesses

It mkes me smile BIG BIG BIG-- the spirit I've always associated with W-inds. is back.  OMFG. I'm so excited. Their Ageha album last year was disappointing because they seemed to be going into the hip-hop stage so common in Asian pop now, but LOOK IT'S THEIR OLD STYLE YUS YUS YUS! ♥♥♥ This definitely reminds of their SYSTEM OF ALIVE album 8D

Finally hauled my lazy bum around and downloaded DBSK's "FIGHTING SPIRIT OF THE EAST" =OOO OMFG. Instantaneous love after reading the lyrics @___@ <33 and they sang it for the WORLD CUP. HOLY CRAP. I'm downloading the World Cup to watch because american TV is stupid and doesn't like soccer >D -waves soccer fanatic flag- I love I love I LOVE~

//We've waited a long time for that time when we unite again
Fifty million hearts, hearts in which we carve our flag
We'll do this with you so that you won't be lonely
We were able to know,
With an impossible amount of perspiration
That we would achieve our dreams only through our tears
I believe that, with you, our cheers
Will work miracles once more,
That the world will be ours once again
Please show us our rising flame//

TT_____TT OMFG. And I was watching their MV and reading the translation at the same time and going utterly TToTT DAMNIT I WISH SOME HAWT POP CHINESE BAND WOULD DO THIS FOR THE CHINESE TEAM >D -smacks Chinese music industry- >D

Though though though!!!-- I did find that a few of the artists I've been randomly listening to are YOUNG O____O I always though they were like.. in Andy Lau and Richie Ren's age category >.>;; but they're only in their TWENTIES >D And "Zhi Yin Wei Ni" that I was obsessed over from the supermarket is by a dude who's young and hawt and has many other songs I downloaded becuase THEY'RE HAWT TOO <3

And I DEMAND you guys watch this because Michael Wong is just TT.TT <3 He's old-ER too, I started listening to him when I was ... seven, back when he was with another guy in a group, but now he's solo but his voice is just... ♥

It won't let me directly link, so here's the site address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpyN9qMfwtY

I'll translate the Chinese parts:
First words on right: Name of song-- Yue Ding [Promise (to meet somewhere)]
Second on right: Guang Liang [name the singer]
On the left-- name of the woman actress-- too lazy to read it T.T
[insert so on, credits, writer of song, etc]
In restaurant:  let's go-- let's go [sign language]
In stadium: I will definitely have a concert!
After piano break: What kind of sound is that?
His reply: Like how you smile
Agreed, three years without each other
Use our love to stop the time
You smiled and said-- this is our test, our promise
In the office: Don't worry-- you're awesome 

Just like this, three years have passed [In studio: Fighting!]
I still return to this place
Closing my eyes, waiting for you to appear
Kiss your face in the air [
I will definitely have a concert]

I still remember, our promise
The promise to be happy all our lives
[The heart can be very strong!]
The song I wrote for is
Is secretly crying too
I still remember, our promise
I love you more than before
Even the wind is laughing at me
I trust it will tell you
That I love you more

Just like this, three years have passed
I still return to this place
Closing my eyes, waiting for you to appear
Kiss your face in the air

I still remember, our promise
The promise to be happy all our lives
The song I wrote for you
[I feel our distance is growing further and further]
Is secretly crying too
I still remember, our promise
I love you more than before
Even the wind is laughing at me
I trust it will tell you

You will remember, our promise
The promise to be happy all our lives
The song that was written for you
is secretly crying too
You will remember, our promise
I love you more than before
With the wind in my face, I smiled also
It must have told you
that I love you more

On stage: The heart.. can be.. very.. strong.
I. Love. You.

-Wibbles in a corner- <3 The song puts me in such a good mood T.T ♥

[random] ZOMG casual dress from italy-- it FITS now xDD My aunt has a clothing store there, so when we went there last summer she gave it to me o.o;; only the top part was too loose last year 8D It's preeetty-- with zippers and buckles and stuff ♥ AND it's comfortable :D I'll never wear it to school though T.T spaghetti straps, see?
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03 June 2006 @ 12:22 pm


I don't.. believe.. I have a brain anymore. -pokes empty spaces between ears- o_O

Left three blank for MathII and four for Chemistry. Though for math-- I'm fairly sure the answers I put down were correct though, but for chem.. eeeeehhhhh.... it was something generally like "this SEEMS right.. umm.. I THINK I've seen these together before.. erm. Eh. OKAY I'M PUTTING IT DOWN"


Apparently I'm first place in my Chinese chool for the mock SATs last week [2260] so there's an award ceremony today, but I'm not going =X I was informed there is a trophy [*O*], over 50 dollars [T___T -WANTS-], pictures taken [...>.>;;... okay...], Mayor and people from the Chinese Embassy [o___o;;;], and interviews for me and my parents [O___O NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO].

Thus I'm not going T.T So they're passing on my prize to the second place. Can't say I regret it though. Not.. feeling.. up to it T.T;; Stupid cameras. -digs a dirtch and stays there-

ZOMG. The most important part of the post--

♥ ~Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun~ ♥
Yay you're getting old and twenty :DD =O <3 

*spazzes happily in her little corner- ^_____^ YAY~ May Dong Bang Shin Ki rise higher and higher in the years to come <3 

DongBangShinKi brought me In:Com and the wonderful people there, for which I'm forever and ever thankful :DD -glomps Perla and Nozo unnie- ♥

-hums-  Thank you for you stay by side-- arigatou itsumo kimi ga ite~ kokoro ... [Thank you for you stay by my side, thank you for always being here]


haha-- I was listening to DBSK's "Heart, Mind and Soul" and I've been wondering about the title for  while, so I figured I'd interperate it my own way. So I'm thinking Heart equals Lust, Mind equals acceptance, and Soul equals Love. To "feel your very heartbeat", to admit and accept, and "to love with all your soul", that kind of thing. :D

Quote I found on Cathy's AIM profile I stole becuase I really liiiiiiked-- The worst part of being lied to is knowing you're not worth the truth.

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